There are currently 3 ways to sell your items to us:

1. You want to sell every single article - you know the manufacturer and the exact type of your products? ----> You can use the automatic Purchase Portal

2. You do not find your product in our auto buying portal? ----> Use our alternative purchase form

3. You will find it all too complicated? You prefer not to deal with items and want a large amount (eg scrapping, stock clearance, Isolvenz) easy and simple to get rid of or even make money? To throw away your items are too good? They want us to offer larger quantities of heating & control electronics?

Then simply send us everything! We have many years of experience in this sector and analyze the best knowledge and conscience your articles and make you a fair price. We will certainly agree!

For deliveries to us from the non-EU country: Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail!

Please fill in your address information in the purchase form and send it with the entire goods (multiple packages possible) to us at:


Abt. Ankauf "Recycling"

Thesdorfer Weg 112

25421 Pinneberg - Germany

Once the shipment arrives with us, you will get an email confirmation.

We make then innhalb 5 - 10 business days a fair offer on your delivery. The products that we are not allowed to be added to the material cycle again and do your bit for the environment and resource conservation.